Sunday, 18 September 2016

Failure Race: Personal Diary

This review is going to be very discouraging to the author as well as to those who are planing to read the book.

In my opinion, 1 star is worse than no star. And no, the rating is not just for the story. It's for the writing and narration. The author couldn't have made it more indirect. One page into the book and I was tired of facing yet another inept writer. I am not saying my English proficiency is off the roof but all I am saying is do not publish an ill written work for hundreds of people to read. I will say this again, it is okay to write a book in your mother tongue or in the language you are comfortable in and have it translated in English if needed. Or the least you can do is to have someone proof read it! Someone who is good at it. It's good to learn and improve your English but it not fair to publish it and test the readers' patience. There can be only two reasons why such a writer would prefer English. Either he thinks writing in your mother tongue is too demeaning and it's cool to write in English or you thought this is the best way to offend English. Whatever it may be the author lost his respect among the readers.

"Having done my under graduation through correspondence and having studied almost alone" and "not having experienced co-education" These are gerunds, which are very complicated when you put it in writing. You need to know where to use it. It's not fancy to use gerunds in every paragraph. And don't get me started on the choice of words in the above sentences.
"Gave a reasonable answer" is a transliteration from your mother tongue. And so is "I felt good to get noticed by a pretty girl." It is not linguistically right..
"With so much vegetation around" really? Vegetation? Can't think of a better word that is not from your social studies text book?
It took me five mins to try and understand the 2nd and 3rd page.
The words 'view' and 'watch' have different meanings. Viewing the birds and watching my profile is simply wrong.
I really feel bad to throw these sentences at the author's face but I seriously can't take it. I have never been so mad at any author before. Even when Jeffrey archer babbles on about politics and uses the same plots in almost every book I haven't been this disturbed. This book is the last straw of all the inefficient Indian authors trying to make it in English. Even if this author is narrating the most heart touching story: Titanic, I wouldn't turn my eyes on it. This level of inefficacy is over the top.

Even the way the author has penned the narration is very immature and conservative. Expressing his derogatory opinions on social media, thinking that Susan would be more beautiful if she wore a bindhi, being embarrassed by a "lip to lip kiss" (author's words) between foreigners show how conservative one can be. Advising and sharing conservative thoughts in between paragraphs while ogling a pretty girl is not noble. And these are the flaws in the first 15 pages.

Advice to author:
If you are planning to write another book I suggest you write it in your mother tongue.
If you are planning to spread conservatism through  books I suggest you don't write at all.

P.S : Thanks to Goodreads and the author for exposing me to bad penmanship.